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is the acronym of Internet based Wisdom, Information, Document, and Experience Network.
iWiden empowers and simplifys your enterprise and company.

Dedicated to Your Success
iWiden® is a leading provider of software, strategies and services developed to meet the needs of extensive industries. It is developed and operated by a group of seasoned programmers. We are dedicated to maximizing the success of various public and private companies in the key areas of information management, document management, knowledge management, project management, workflow and collaboration, and request tracking — what we call iWiden™.

About iWiden, Inc.

Welcome to iWiden, Inc. Southern California’s leading Enterprise software producer and IT solutions provider. We provide business collaboration and data consolidation, focusing on management of information, document, knowledge, workflow, project, CRM, and request tracking.
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Customer Support

iWiden, Inc. provides in-personal support in Los Angeles and Orange county area for free.
iWiden, Inc. provides online support and email support for free.

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Our Solutions

  • Information Management
  • Document Management
  • KM Solution
  • Workflow and Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • CRM Solution
  • Request Tracking
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